ABAC Piston Compressors

Abac Portable Compressors Resized

ABAC specialise in making air compression simple; even for the most demanding applications. From a state-of-the-art production facility, ABAC delivers an extensive range of plug & play air solutions for the industrial, professional and DIY compressed air markets.

ABAC also manufactures super-silenced units down to 40dBa and petrol-driven compressors.

Why choose an ABAC Compressor?

ABAC provide a range of products, allowing you to choose the best compressor that is suited to your needs. Each of the ranges also powerful add-ons to keep up with growing demands

Innovation and reliability drive ABAC’s product development

With SIA you are fully supported by an approved ABAC supplier across the following ranges:

Abac line series compressors

LINE Series Compressors

Offering standard, quality compressed air up to 3kWwith ease of installation and reliable operation.

Abac pro series compressors

PRO Series Compressors

The PRO Series from ABAC is advanced yet simple / delivering maximum comfort and performance through user-friendly operability / and is durable and efficient (oil less and with oil)

Perfectly adaptable for every professional application, the PRO Series entry level is via direct driven compressors progressing to two stage units with tank mounted dryers.

Abac silent series compressors

SILENT Series Compressors

ABABC offer two compressor options where the focus is on noise reduction without compromising on operational comfort or performance.

Ideally suited for all possible professional applications, the SILENT Series starts with direct driven compressors going up to two stage units with tank mounted dryers.

SILENT from ABAC gives you user-friendly and flexible operation through tough and reliable design.


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