DH & D Series


The DH & D series are suitable for the Food & Beverage industry sector. 

Compair DH Series Oil Free Air Comrpessors SIA


COMPAIR DH SERIES - Water injected rotary screw compressors


 The DH series are completely oil free compressors which have been certified ISO 8573 1 Class Zero (2010) and silicone free.

The DH series is more efficient due to the design and as it runs with a reduced speed and temperature it reduces the compressed air which reduces energy wastage.


MODEL D15H - D110H: 

Compair DH Model Oil Free Air Comrpessor SIA


• One-stage, direct-driven compression element boosts efficiency and reduces breakdowns
• High quality water injection lubricates, cools and seals the compression process, improving efficiency
• There is no need for gearbox lubrication
• Low bearing loads and low speeds mean sealed-for-life bearings can be used, requiring no oil lubrication
• Regulated speed technology will help to decrease energy costs
• Overall noise is reduced
• Design ensure a simple installation

Tech Spec

Pressure range: 5 to 10 bar
Volume flow: 0.32 to 18.55 m3/min
Motor Power: 15 to 110 kW

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Compair D Series Oil Free Air Comrpessors SIA

COMPAIR D SERIES - Oil-free two stage rotary screw air compressor


 Operational safety is the focal point of the COMPAIR D Series. The original compressor gives the user advanced performance, in depth control and unbeatable accuracy. Created by Compair, the airend within the D series works at a continuously lower temperature which decreases costs while ensuring even the most onerous applications are met.


MODEL D75 -D160:


Compair D Model Oil Free Air Comrpessor SIA


• Premium efficiency two stage airend design
• High quality IE 3 electric motor
• Efficient motor cooling
• High ambient temperatures of up to 45°C
• Delcos XL touch screen controller with enhanced monitoring
• Closed cooling water circuit for airend cooling
• Water cooled models available
• Two high efficiency radial cooling fans in accordance with ErP Efficiency Legislation 2015

Tech Spec

Pressure range: 8 to 10 bar
Volume flow: 12.91 to 22.33 m3/min
Motor Power: 75 to 160 kW

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