Robuschi Compressors

Industrial Screw Air Compressors

Robuschi has a long history of providing compressors and solution to suit any customer’s needs. Their state of the art design, research and technology ensures they deliver the customer an innovative and reliable range of screw compressors.


ROBOX Energy Screw Compressors

Robuschi’s latest advance is the new ROBOX screw compressor unit. The unit is available in Hi-Pressure, Low-Pressure and Vacuum. The oil-free compressor package boasts high efficiency, silent working and is completely oil free. Robuschi ROBOX air compressors are suitable for a range of applications across all industrial sectors. 


• Efficient thanks to its unique RSW patented rotors, which reduce the number of revolutions and enhance the capacity-pressure ratio
• Silent as a result of high-efficiency internal compression, silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure
• Simple installation and configuration
• Flexible to ensure the operation at the point of best efficiency
• Oil free for a more environmentally-friendly operation (Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1)
• Ease of maintenance thanks to its simple and robust construction
• Customised with a wide range of options available

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Robox Screw Low-Pressure

Robox Screw Low Pressure Air Compressor Scot Industrial Air

The ideal solution for wastewater treatment applications thanks to its simple, userfriendly components.

Tech Specifications

Pressure range: up to 1 bar

Volume flow: 998 - 10,500 m3/h
Motor Power: 37 to 315 kW




Robox Screw High-Pressure

Robox Screw Hi Pressure Air Compressor Scot Industrial Air

Extremely efficient oil-free compressor unit.

Tech Specifications

Pressure range: up to 2.5 bar
Volume flow: 770 - 9,500 m3/min
Motor Power: 55 - 600 kW (400/600 kW version with direct coupling)



Robox Screw Vacuum

Robox Screw Vacuum Air Compressor Scot Industrial Air

 The perfect centralised vacuum solution, granting heavy duty, high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Tech Specifications

Pressure range:300 mbar (a)
Volume flow: 900 -8,700 m3/min
Motor Power: 18 - 200 kW


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