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Compair Compressor Installation
    • • Pressure range: 7.5 to 13 bar
      • Volume flow: 0.41 to 3.65m3/min
      • Motor Power: 7.5 to 22kW

      The L07 – L22 models are extremely reliable and as with all CompAir products they produce high quality compressed air. These models are flexible and energy efficient with a fully integrated airend design which also helps to reduce servicing costs.

      The cutting-edge design of the airend means that the compressor can operate at low rotational speeds which in turn means reduced energy costs for you. The innovative integrated design, including oil separation, oil filter and thermostatic bypass valve, reduces the number of external hoses and components offering excellent reliability. Each of these models comes with an IE 3 electric motor, reduced CO2 emissions and low noise levels.

      The L07-L22 range uses the Delcos Pro Controller which is always monitoring the compressors’ processes. You can program the inputs and outputs and also control additional equipment. All relevant information can be clearly read on the display including but not limited to:
      • Discharge/line pressure display
      • Air/oil temperature display
      • Total hours run and under load
      • Service due indicator
      • Enhanced fault log monitor

  • Min Power Rating:
    Max Power Rating:
    222 – 231 KG
    667 x 630 x 1,050 mm (L x W x H)