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Compair Compressor Installation
    • • Pressure range: 7.5 to 13 bar
      • Volume flow: 4.27 to 8.67m3/min
      • Motor Power: 30 to 45kW


      CompAir’s 55-75kW range consists of both fixed sped and regulated speed (RS) models.
      This range delivers energy savings of up to 6% on previous models and a 7% higher flow rate. The two-stage filtration system means you will receive the highest quality air with less than 3ppm oil carryover. The compressors have been manufactured using the quality parts and each of the models is easily accessible meaning there are lower maintenance costs for the life of the compressor.


      This range utilises an efficient electric motor which can be upgraded to the ultra-efficient IE4 motor if requested. The RS models effectively deal with varying demand and have a thermostatically controlled motor driven fan. This range has been designed not only to reduce the costs through energy efficiency but also to reduce maintenance costs but reducing the number of moving parts.


      The Delcos XL innovative touch screen controller is multilingual and will continuously monitor operational parameters. The display can show not only a detailed analysis but also usage trends over time.


  • Min Power Rating:
    Max Power Rating:
    1,725 – 2,786 KG
    2158 x 1223 x 1971 (L x W x H)