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Air Audit

Energy Consumption is the Biggest Cost Within a Compressed Air System

With the right planning and advice, you can save 30% or more using an efficient regulated speed compressor, which underlines the need for an air audit to be conducted on your system on a regular basis. Regular compressed air audits of your system will allow air leaks to be identified, repaired and any issues with the piping to be fixed, making your system more reliable and cost efficient by saving money on energy usage.

Our compressed air engineers will carry out a full system test and inspection, measuring the system requirements against the demand and usage. Whilst also checking for issues such as overpressurization that can lead to innefficiencies in your compressed air supply.

Scope of a Compressed Air Audit

  • Accurate profile of current air usage
  • Check system for air leaks / general weaknesses
  • Compressed air plan, outlining your need over a period of time
  • This plan will contain the peaks and troughs of your air requirement and associated back-up compressed air supply need

Outcomes of an Air audit

  • Compressed air usage report
  • Recommended air compressor equipment to deliver maximum efficiency based on your need and budget
  • Provide estimate energy and cost saving
  • Backup recommendations

Contact us today to find out how your business can save money through an SIA Air Audit.

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Compressed Air System Design

Compressed Air Design Solutions that Save you Money

Scot Industrial Air can design and install complete compressed air systems tailored to suit any application.

Following an initial survey and consultation, we will produce the most effective pipe work design to meet your application requirements. Resulting in an effective design solution that can boost the performance of your compressed air system and save on unnecessary service costs.

For installations up to 14 bar pressure, a system constructed of a high quality anodised aluminium will often be the best solution.

Benefits of an Aluminium Compressed Air System

  • Corrosion-free
  • Lightweight
  • Leak-free
  • Flexible to modify or expand your system with minimum disruption

We can also supply and install traditional galvanised steel pipework used in compressed air installations or corrosion-free thermoplastic (ABS) pipework, which is an ideal solution for medical and biological applications.

Contact us today to talk to one of our compressed air experts and find out more about our compressed air system design and installation service.

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Air Compressor Heat Recovery

As most of the energy used to power an air compressor is converted into heat, we would strongly advise all businesses to put a compressor heat recovery plan in place to capture and maximise the re-use of this valuable commodity that can then be used to reduce ongoing energy costs.

Performance optimised compressed air systems provide reduced environmental impact, energy savings and bottom line cost savings.

"Since 2005, average European electricity costs have risen by more than 60%* and therefore the savings potential is enormous when correct energy consumption monitoring is employed"

*Source: Industrial energy prices, Department of Energy & Climate Change website.

For virtually any industrial process that requires hot water or steam, the addition of an air compressor heat recovery system can reduce your energy bill and above all your CO2 emissions.

Larger compressors come with heat recovery options, helping you to recover up to 94% of waste heat.

Accurate Analysis and Solutions from SIA

  • Air audits are performed to the highest standard, delivering detailed reports and analysis of your compressed air system
  • Identifying improvements in your compressed air system through system performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes.

If you already have an air compressor or are planning to have one installed then out how much money you could save by adding a heat recovery system and get in touch today.

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Compressor Maintenance and Servicing

We are equipped and totally committed to maintaining your level of business operation.

Scot Industrial Air can schedule a programme of servicing tailored to your needs on all makes of compressor, reducing breakdown risk and maximising life and productivity.

  • Factory trained engineers with the latest diagnostic tools
  • Industry leading breakdown response times
  • Large stock of genuine parts
  • Air end refurbishment and upgrading
  • Genuine 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service
  • BOSIET approved engineers for offshore working
  • Servicing for all makes of compressor
  • All-encompassing customer care programmes available
  • Contract Service and Extended Warranties Plans tailored to suit all applications
  • One off services and repairs promptly completed


Talk to our experts today to ensure your cover is in place.

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Leak Detection

We recommend the suitable course of action for leaks

Up to 40% of compressed air can be wasted through leakage which can reduce the energy efficiency of your compressed air equipment and compressed air system.

All compressed air systems have leaks which can appear at any point within the system.
Scot Industrial Air will send out a qualified member of staff to carry out a walkthrough of the site to test the entire system for leaks while observing working practices.
Our trained operatives follow the route of the pipework testing all components that are prone to leakages with our state of the art ultrasonic probe.
If a leak is detected a tag is attached to alert the client and a report is produced which indicates a cost due to lost energy.

If any leaks are detected we then recommend the appropriate course of action to rectify the issues.

We recognise that new leaks will develop over time within the system therefore we would suggest the leak detection survey should be completed at least every 12 months or during annual servicing.

If you would like to receive a FREE quotation for leak detection please contact us today.

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