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Industrial Air Blowers

by SIA Compressors & Generators

Air blowers play a key role in various industrial applications by moving air at low to moderate pressures. They are essential in processes requiring large volumes of air movement and can be adjusted for different applications by altering the blade angle. Unlike air compressors, air blowers have a much lower pressure ratio, making them more cost-effective to operate. At SIA Compressors & Generators, we supply high-quality screw blowers and rotary lobe blowers from the renowned manufacturer Robuschi, ensuring that you get reliable and efficient performance for your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Blower

Selecting the appropriate blower for your application is crucial for achieving optimal performance and efficiency. If you are unsure which type of blower would best suit your needs, our team at SIA Compressors & Generators is here to help. We provide expert guidance to help you choose between screw blowers and rotary lobe blowers based on your specific requirements and operational conditions.

Screw Blowers

Screw blowers operate by trapping air between two screw elements and compressing it as it moves along the screws. One of the primary advantages of screw blowers is their energy efficiency, especially at higher pressures. This makes them ideal for continuous or extensive operation periods. They provide a steady and controllable flow of air, which is beneficial for applications requiring precise air delivery. These include wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, and various industrial processes. Screw blowers are also known for their lower noise levels and reduced vibration compared to traditional lobe blowers, enhancing workplace environment quality. The robust design and efficient operation of screw blowers make them a preferred choice for industries looking to optimise energy use and maintain high performance.

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary lobe blowers function using two or more rotating lobes that move air from the intake side to the discharge side. These blowers are perfect for applications requiring a constant flow rate at lower pressures. They are incredibly robust and can handle a variety of gases, including those with some degree of contamination. This versatility makes them particularly suited for environmental technologies, such as sewage treatment, as well as bulk material handling and vacuum packaging. Rotary lobe blowers are simple, durable, and easy to maintain, offering a reliable solution for industries that need consistent air flow with minimal maintenance requirements. Their ability to handle contaminated gases without compromising performance makes them a valuable asset in harsh industrial environments.