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Compressed Air & Power Generation Services

At SIA Compressors & Generators we sell, install, and maintain air compressors, dryers, generators and vacuum equipment. We provide a number of services across both compressed air systems and generators to ensure your machinery has the maximum uptime and works as efficiently as possible.

Compressed Air Services

We provide several compressed air services including:

  • Data Logging: Data logging a compressor can show you exactly how and when you are using you compressed air. Through this information, we can tailor your system to make it as efficient as possible with improvements of up to 30%
  • Leak Detection: Up to 40% of compressed air is lost through leakage, SIA Compressors & Generators can find these leaks and fix them.
  • Air Compressor System Service and Maintenance: Our factory-trained Engineers are on call 24/7 to maintain your level of business operation. We can provide both one-off servicing and service contracts to suit your needs.
  • Compressed Air System Design: Our team at SIA Compressors & Generators can design a tailored compressed air solution to suit your exact business needs, this not only increases efficiency but can save your business money.
  • Air Compressor Heat Recovery: A heat recovery plan is essential to ensure the efficiency of your business. Our team can help you ensure there is a plan in place to capture and reuse the heat produced by your compressed air system.


Power Generation Services

We provide the following Generator services:

  • Generator Service & Maintenance: Our Engineers are fully factory trained to ensure your generator is kept in peek condition. We can also offer service contracts which enable you to control your costs.
  • Generator Load Bank Testing: Proactive maintenance reduces the risk of breakdown, our Engineers can test your generators to ensure there are no developing issues.