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Power Generation

by SIA Compressors & Generators

At SIA Compressors & Generators, we provide a comprehensive range of power generation solutions to meet diverse needs across various sectors. Our selection of JCB generators ensures reliable, efficient, and clean power for residential, rental, construction, agricultural, quarrying, and mining applications. Whether you require primary power or backup generators, our offerings cater to every requirement with models ranging from 10kVA to 780kVA.


JCB Stage V Rental Range Generators

Our JCB Stage V Rental Range Generators deliver unmatched reliability and performance, now with updated Stage V emissions level engines for cleaner and more efficient power. These generators, with power outputs from 18kVA to 300kVA, are perfect for rental applications where dependability and efficiency are paramount. They are designed to provide full support in critical situations, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption.

JCB Compact QS Generators

The JCB Compact QS Generators are versatile and powerful, offering outputs from 18kVA to 220kVA. Equipped with the proven JCB Dieselmax engine, these generators are ideal for a variety of roles, from primary power sources to backup and standby applications. Tested in over 500,000 machines worldwide, the QS range guarantees outstanding performance and reliability, making it a popular choice for many industries.

JCB Mid-Range QX Generators

For more demanding applications, the JCB Mid-Range QX Generators provide robust and reliable power. These generators, with outputs ranging from 250kVA to 780kVA, are powered by engines from industry-leading manufacturers. They are perfect for stationary installations where consistent and dependable power is required, whether as a primary source or as a backup during mains failure.

JCB Electric Powerpacks

JCB Electric Powerpacks are innovative, zero-emission solutions that offer clean electric power at the point of use. Available in both single-phase and three-phase models, these power packs are ideal for indoor and underground operations where low emissions and quiet operation are crucial. With outputs ranging from 8kW to 36kW, they provide flexible and environmentally friendly power solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our Generator Specialist David Kerr can help you decide which generator would best suit your needs.