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SIA Provides Solution to Local Manufacturer

We were recently contacted by a reputable, family-owned glass manufacturing company based in Perth, UK. Since the company began, it has steadily grown as a result of building strong customer relationships, identifying new market opportunities and investing in the latest glass processing technology.

Our Solution

They reached out to us to replace a machine that had come to the end of its useful working life. However as the customer currently housed their compressors in a small container there was limited space to work with. A competitor had suggested that they would have to replace the full container at great expense. However SIA came up with a better solution. Instead of replacing the container we proposed that double doors should be installed. This would provide ample access for maintenance of the new Compair L75 compressor and remove the need to replace the container. It also meant that downtime was kept to a minimum as the dryer and back up compressor would not have to be installed into a new container. Another hurdle we had to overcome was that customer recirculated the heat generated from the compressor to help heat the workshop during the winter. To do this we installed custom ductwork which linked the discharge of the new compressor into the existing winter ductwork. This allows the heat to be discharged to atmosphere in the summer and circulated into the workshop during the cold winter months.

Above and Beyond

At Scot Industrial Air, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and resourcefulness; therefore we believe we were the perfect match for this project. If we see a problem, we will do our best to resolve it as we go above and beyond for all our customers to ensure a perfect solution. The compressor will also be monitored remotely by SIA through the iConn system; which is fitted as standard to screw compressors over 22kW. This will ensure a quick response time for any servicing and maintenance needs.