BOGE helps precision engineering specialist overcome new factory challenge

Leading compressor manufacturer BOGE Compressors has helped smooth the path for a specialist in high quality precision turned and milled components to expand into a new factory in the Midlands.

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BOGE installed a compact C20LDR SSH 15kW compressor to operate the production machines in the new manufacturing facility, which features a range of specialist equipment including air tools, handling machines, lathes, and milling and grinding machinery. 

The BOGE full feature compressed air station includes an air dryer to cater for the production equipment, which is sensitive to moisture. The compressor station also includes an air receiver, which, by providing a backup storage of compressed air, reduces the number of times the compressor starts and stops, thus saving energy and wear and tear on the unit. 

As part of the project, BOGE also fitted 125 Metres of BOGE EasiFit aluminium pipework for the factory’s ring main. Corrosion-resistant BOGE EasiFit is an advanced metal pipe airline system, which reduces the pressure drop compared with airline systems made up of traditional materials.

Daniel Powell of BOGE explained: “Pipework is usually galvanised steel. Each end must be threaded, which is time consuming and requires the use of threading machines during the installation. 

“With Easifit, you can cut into the pipe using a hacksaw. The composite pipe connectors are similar to those used in plumbing and can be tightened by hand. This cuts installation time dramatically and provides a very cost effective leak free system.”

Because the precision engineering specialist has no variation in air demand, a fixed speed compressor was selected. Combined with the super silenced hood offering “whisper quiet” operation, other benefits include low running costs, reduced footprint, and plug and play installation.

Since the factory was new, Powell explained there was no existing machinery to help calculate the air required: “We manufacture compressors from 2.2 to 350kW and had to work out the air demand from machinery the engineering firm planned to install in the new facility to ensure the correct compressor was chosen for their need. I was able to calculate the size of the compressor required on their behalf by working on manufacturers’ data sheets for the production machinery and by calculating the usage figures.”


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