Hydrovane Compressors


Hydrovane has manufactured over 775,000 compressors to date and they can be found throughout all industries, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow. In fact they are the perfect solution to meet your requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas.

Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors

Proven, simple and long-lasting technology with fewer moving parts, allowing up to 100,000+ operating hours without expensive Air End overhaul, when correctly serviced with genuine parts and lubricants. Hydrovane compressors operate at slow speeds, down to 1450rpm. Slow speed operation results in low noise (down to 62dBA), low stresses and long trouble-free life. Capacities range from 1.1kW to 75kW.

Hydrovane Regulated Speed Compressor

Hydrovane Regulated Speed Compressors

Regulated speed compressors reliably handle variable air demand speeding up and slowing down to perfectly match air supply to air demand. The result is remarkable energy savings plus a stable air supply at constant pressure. Regulated speed technology is available on all Hydrovane compressor ranges.



Enclose Regulated Speed Rotary Vane Compressors

Hydrovane air compressors have a range or benefits and features and are suitable for General use across all industrial sectors. Benefits

• Fully Enclosed
• IP55 Electric Motor
• Speed Range: 870-2220 RPM
• Proven Inverter Drive System
• Lower Off Load Power (REVS
• Selectable target pressure
• Electronic Controller
• Over-temperature protection
• Direct Drive
• Smallest footprint in its class


M50Hz Vertical Enclosed Regulated Speed Comrpessor


Models HV07RS (ACE) to HV22RS (ACE)Hydrovane Vertical Enclosed Rs Compressor Hv07rs Sia

Tech Spec

Pressure range: 6 to 10 bar
Volume flow: 0.95 to 3.53 m3/min
Motor Power: 7.5 to 22 kW
Noise levels: 67 - 71 dB (A)


Models HV30RS (ACE) to HV45RS (ACE)Hydrovane Vertical Enclosed Rs Compressor Hv30rs

Tech Spec

Pressure range: 6 to 10 bar
Volume flow: 4.51 to 7.47 m3/min
Motor Power: 30 to 45 kW
Noise levels: 73 dB (A)



Hydrovane Combination Units

Hydrovane Air Station Combination Units

Hydrovane Hypac Airstations are fully integrated, factory built  packages incorporating dryer and receiver. With outputs from 1.1kW up to 22kW and low noise levels they are the ideal  “plug and play” solution for simple installation combined with easy maintenance.




Hypac Enclosed – Fixed Speed and Regulated Speed RS Compressors

Models HR04 – HV22rs Fully Enclosed

• Integrated refrigerant Dryer model
• Integrated Receiver model
• Noise Level: 50Hz
• Motor Power: 4 -22 KW
• Pressure range: 7-10 bar
• Volume flow: 0.65 to 3.6 m3/min
• 20- 127 cfm

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