Air Audit

Energy Consumption is the Biggest Cost Within a Compressed Air System

With the right planning and advice, you can save 30% or more using an efficient regulated speed compressor, which underlines the need for an air audit to be conducted on your system on a regular basis. Regular compressed air audits of your system will allow air leaks to be identified, repaired and any issues with the piping to be fixed, making your system more reliable and cost efficient by saving money on energy usage.

Our compressed air engineers will carry out a full system test and inspection, measuring the system requirements against the demand and usage. Whilst also checking for issues such as overpressurization that can lead to innefficiencies in your compressed air supply.

Scope of a Compressed Air Audit

  • Accurate profile of current air usage
  • Check system for air leaks / general weaknesses
  • Compressed air plan, outlining your need over a period of time
  • This plan will contain the peaks and troughs of your air requirement and associated back-up compressed air supply need

Outcomes of an Air audit

  • Compressed air usage report
  • Recommended air compressor equipment to deliver maximum efficiency based on your need and budget
  • Provide estimate energy and cost saving
  • Backup recommendations

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