Air Compressor Heat Recovery


As most of the energy used to power an air compressor is converted into heat, we would strongly advise all businesses to put a compressor heat recovery plan in place to capture and maximise the re-use of this valuable commodity that can then be used to reduce ongoing energy costs.

Performance optimised compressed air systems provide reduced environmental impact, energy savings and bottom line cost savings.

"Since 2005, average European electricity costs have risen by more than 60%* and therefore the savings potential is enormous when correct energy consumption monitoring is employed"

*Source: Industrial energy prices, Department of Energy & Climate Change website.

For virtually any industrial process that requires hot water or steam, the addition of an air compressor heat recovery system can reduce your energy bill and above all your CO2 emissions.

Larger compressors come with heat recovery options, helping you to recover up to 94% of waste heat.

Accurate Analysis and Solutions from SIA

  • Air audits are performed to the highest standard, delivering detailed reports and analysis of your compressed air system
  • Identifying improvements in your compressed air system through system performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes.

If you already have an air compressor or are planning to have one installed then out how much money you could save by adding a heat recovery system and get in touch today!