Leak Detection

We recommend the suitable course of action for leaks

Up to 40% of compressed air can be wasted through leakage which can reduce the energy efficiency of your compressed air equipment and compressed air system.

All compressed air systems have leaks which can appear at any point within the system.
Scot Industrial Air will send out a qualified member of staff to carry out a walkthrough of the site to test the entire system for leaks while observing working practices.
Our trained operatives follow the route of the pipework testing all components that are prone to leakages with our state of the art ultrasonic probe.
If a leak is detected a tag is attached to alert the client and a report is produced which indicates a cost due to lost energy.

If any leaks are detected we then recommend the appropriate course of action to rectify the issues.

We recognise that new leaks will develop over time within the system therefore we would suggest the leak detection survey should be completed at least every 12 months or during annual servicing.

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