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Standard, premium and hybrid generators for sale

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Scot Industrial Air can provide generators designed to meet any purpose. We have a wide range of JCB generators available from standard power generators to premium and hybrid generators. JCB build these to deliver the highest performance and efficiency ensuring lower running costs.

JCB generators are divided into four different groups to help you find exactly what you require.


Standard Range: 8-730kVA 

Kohler Diesel Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB

Our standard diesel generators range offers a perfect solution for many common applications.


Premium Range: 730-3300kVA 

Mitsubishi Premium Diesel Generators Scot Industrial Air

Our premium diesel generators range is made by four high performing engines suitable for application with larger power requirements.


Hybrid Range: 20-2000kVA

Inteli Hybrid Generator Scot Industrial Air

We are also now able to offer the newly launched JCB Inteli-Hybrid which can help save fuel, increased efficiency and reduce costs and emissions, find out more here.

Power generation systems, support & service and live data reporting tool also available


We offer temporary power to keep your business up and running by providing generators made with leading engine brands.


Power Generation Systems: 6kVA to 3.3MVa

Power Generations Systems Jcb Broadcrown White Scot Industrial Air

Our power generations systems range is of high quality design and implementation offering 6kVA to 3.3MVa and high quality components all to meet any projects requirement.


Generators Service & Support

Generators Service And Support Scot Industrial Air

World class services including installation, aftercare support, and repairs using components of the highest quality.


LiveLink data reporting tool

Livelink For Generators Hire Scot Industrial Air

Monitor and manage your power generator's performance remotely for complete control.

JCB generators from Scot Industrial Air are suitable across all sectors such as construction, manufacturing, agricultural as well as hospitals, offices and data centres.

Along with these premium generators of course comes our renowned customer service network. The customer is always the focus of everything we do at Scot Industrial Air and with that in mind we are now able to provide JCB LiveLink for Power. This will allow you see and manage the number of hours your generator has been in use for, when it will require a service etc.


Generators range suitable for all applications