Hybrid Range 0-115 kVA

0-115 kVA Hybrid generators are an ideal choice for alternative power source. Each hybrid generator offers significant savings in fuel and CO2 and provides important cost savings.


Inteli Hybrid Generator Scot Industrial Air

Inteli - Hybrid Generators with JCB Dieselmax engine

Designed by JVB Power Products to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining and event hire. Hybrid generators provide an alternative power solution to meet the peak load requirements of an application with the potential to make significant savings. Inteli-Hybrid generator delivers significant fuel savings as the machine can be switched off and batteries to supply power during periods of low load, eliminating generator light loading, which saves the cost of fuel and the time and cost of refuelling.



  •  Reduced maintenance time and costs, due to reduced engine use
  •  Automatic stop-start technology with fuel saving of up to 60%
  •  Engine off means less fuel usage and more cost saving
  •  Zero noise and carbon emissions with battery power operation
  •  Single phase and three phase output included



B40 Battery Box Jcb Scot Industrial Air Ccb

B40 Battery Box for all generators

Alternative power storage solution positioned with any generators to significantly improve its efficiency and reduce emissions and fuel usage. The batter box can be used in any off-grid application with low load demand, where the generator can be turned off to save fuels and reduce emissions. With zero emissions and noise is suitable to use indoors or in sensitive applications. Packaged in a robust steel canopy, the battery box can deliver up to 7kVA continuous power output with a 20kVA peak and is available to 50Hz and 60Hz configurations.



  •  Compatible with all makes and models of generators
  •  Can be connected to renewable power source
  •  Can be charged from mains power
  •  Compact size enables ease of transport and reduced site footprint
  •  Sealed and maintenance free batteries


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