Standard range 8-730kVA

8-730 KVA Standard Range of diesel generators supplied by Scot Industrial Air, are the perfect power solution for many common applications, offering high performance in lightweight package.

Yanmar Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB



Yanmar range offers superior performance and reliability, powered by the 3 and 4 cylinder water-cooled Yanmar engine.





  •  13 hours of power
  •  Generator operation with simple control panel
  •  Stage IIA emissions compliant engines
  •  Open and canopy variants offer versatility



Kohler Diesel Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB

20-45kVA JCB Diesel by Kohler

QS generators are designed to deliver prime power at 50Hz, low fuel consumption and increased efficiency in the most compact packages.



  •  Quiet and smooth operation with a canopy option for all models
  •  Lightweight product with multiple lift points
  •  Compact dimensions allow installation in many applications


Dieselmax 4CL Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB


65-140KvA JCB Dieselmax 4CYL

World class performance for the most demanding applications, delivering low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise, an ideal engine for GQ generators. 





  •  285 litre fuel tank providing 12 hours continuous running 
  •  Removable fuel tank
  •  Ergonomic DSE control panel as standard
  •  3-pole breakers as standard and 4-pole breakers optional


Dieselmax 6CL Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB

165-220KvA JCB Dieselmax 6CYL

Up to 8% less fuel consumption than competitive generators, 500-hour service intervals, low fuel economy and low noice levels delivering low operative costs and maximum uptime.



  •  Three-stage fuel filtration provides protection when operating with lower quality fuels
  •  Sound attenuated canopy delivers low noice leves
  •  Robust lift points to enhance manoeuvrability



Iveco Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB


140-220kVA IVECO Generators

Exceptional performance and well known for its reliability and flexibility to provide power to multiple applications. World class components fitted to the generator to deliver low fuel consumption and low maintenance intervals.




  •  Available at 50Hz or 60Hz
  •  Open or canopied to suit any application-Over 12 hours running on a single tank of fuel at 75% load
  •  Easy generator operation
  •  Designed to withstand extreme environments


Scania Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB


275-600kVA SCANIA Generators

Great performance provided from a Scania engine, delivering maximum uptime and opimised operating efficiency.



  •  Available at 50Hz or 60Hz to suit all territories
  •  Open or canopied to suit any application
  •  Fuel optimised and stage IIA engined available
  •  100% bio diesel capability


MTU Generator By JCB Scot Industrial Air CCB


30-726 kVA MTU Generators

MTU engines deliver impresive performance and reliability. Designed for continuous peak load operations delivering 100% load acceptance, cutting-edge emissions and long maintenance intervals offering optimised operation.




  •  Available at 50Hz or 60Hz to suit any application
  •  Industry recognised MTU 1600 Series engines
  •  Open or canopied to suit any application
  •  8 new models from 306 - 763 kVA standby power


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