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Industrial Diesel Generators

We have a wide range of JCB industrial diesel generators available from standard power generators to premium and hybrid backup generators. JCB build these to deliver the highest performance and efficiency ensuring lower running costs.

Diesel Generators Designed To Meet Any Purpose

Industrial diesel generators are designed to meet the needs of a very demanding worldwide market for both prime and standby power applications.

Our power solutions are designed to suit all applications from residential, rental, construction, agricultural, as well as quarrying and mining industry sectors. The range of backup generators can be used in commercial applications such as hospitals, offices and datacentres.

Select from a wide range of power generators containing engines from JCB, Kohler, volvo Scania, Iveco and Mitsubishi. Our power solutions come in a range of power options from 20kVA to 3300kVA to suit a variety of demanding working environments and applications. All power nodes are available at 50Hz or 60Hz, and various voltage ratings.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your power needs. We will help you to identify an appropriate power specification and provide an industrial generator with the desired fuel source.

Industrial Backup Generators

A properly specified industrial backup generator can be used for everything from powering construction equipment to providing an energy source for full buildings.

JCB diesel generators and power packs are designed to withstand a wide range of working environments and can be used for both prime and standby applications.

Scot Industrial Air provides a range of industry-leading JCB generators to power commercial activities during energy outages or in situations where an energy source is not available.

Choosing an Industrial Power Generator

Industrial generators can come in various sizes and can mainly be categorised as stationary and mobile generators. While stationary generators require a dedicated location on-site, mobile generators can be easily transported to even the most space restrained areas.

Another important factor when selecting an industrial power generator is its fuel type. Generators can come with petrol, diesel and gas engines, while the most popular is the diesel type due to its fuel efficiency and higher cold resistance. As diesel engines are not susceptible to freezing, they are the preferred option during cold seasons.

No matter what your power requirements are, our generator specialists will help you choose the right power solution for your project.

Why Scot Industrial Air?

Scot Industrial Air is one of the leading industrial diesel generator suppliers in the UK. Offering generators powered by engines from JCB, Yanmar, Scania, Iveco, MTU and Mitsubishi, we can offer energy solutions for any industry and application.

  • Stationary and mobile generators
  • Silent products encased in galvanized steel enclosures
  • Energy solutions ranging from x to x hours of uptime

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Diesel Generators

What are the types of industrial diesel generators?

The most common models are either stationary or mobile. They can be further split into the following categories:

  • Open generators
  • Canopy generators
  • Container generators
  • Specialist rental range

How do industrial diesel generators work?

A typical diesel generator contains an internal combustion engine that uses compression-ignition to power the electric generator, also called the alternator, to create electrical energy. The alternator creates energy by rotating a shaft containing a set of magnets fitted around a coil. When these magnets are spinning, they generate alternating current around the coil, which is then converted into AC power by an internal rectifier.

How long do industrial generators last

Provided they are looked after and serviced regularly a generator can last for many years.

What are industrial generators used for?

Industrial diesel generators can be used as prime or standby power sources in a wide range of settings throughout all industries. From small power packs used to provide lighting solutions, to premier range generators that can power robust commercial activities in manufacturing or oil and gas sectors. No matter what the energy demand, industrial generator solutions can be assembled to fulfil any specification no matter how big or small the energy demand is.

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